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Our new line of frozen fruit in pieces is bringing the great flavor from the tropical fruits directly to your hands. Most of the imported tropical fruits sold in Europe are not exactly ready to be consumed. They are exported green and they become ready inside the container during the long transport.
Unfortunately, this process makes the fruit loses a lot from the natural flavor such as banana and pineapple. The taste will always be different than when you travel abroad and try new fruits ready for consume. If you want to understand the real difference from our fruits and the fruits, you usually buy for your juices or smoothies. Try Gofruit® Frozen Fruit in pieces.

Juices can be prepared by adding 1 Gofruit Puree + 2,5 dl of water. For Smoothies, just add Yogurt and 1 Gofruit Puree. Maybe you want to do a Cocktail and add some Bacardi or Vodka instead. Or you would like to prepare a dessert, ice-cream or a exotic fruit sauce for your cakes. See one example of the fast smoothie ever, in less than 60 seconds. It's easy and fast to prepare an amazing smoothie. See this general example: Choose your favorite frozen Gofruit puree flavor . Cut it frozen, in 4 pieces small pieces, do not melt down so you can keep you smoothie colder. It also helps the mixer or blender to mix faster. Put the pieces inside your mixer or blender. Put your favorite drink such; as water, milk, yogurt, or even spirit drink. Mix it with the blender until the frozen fruit puree is completely melted and serve it. For more receipts, go to our main menu and click on the link "How to use"

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